06 May 2009

I know who else is 'least wanted'

In a rather strange, totalitarian move that I'm sure is to calm the people that they are protected from really dangerous octogenarians like Fred Phelps, the government has published a list of 'undesirables'

Now, if you've read any of my blogs I don't need to tell you my views on banning people for what they say, it's basically thought-crime

And for once I agree with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) - they say people should be allowed free speech and should only be detained for committing an actual crime - very true, but hang on

Remember Geert? That same freedom loving council felt that he was an 'open and relentless preacher of hate' and supported his ban, as did Lord Ahmed

They seem to have changed their tune now that it is Muslim preachers of hate in the government's sights - what exactly is the difference? I am happy to let both in, and was really looking forward to the Phelps getting their heads kicked in when they came over (just the adults)

I don't really need to say how hypocritical their stance is

Of course calling a bunch of hateful men with wacky names a threat always goes down well with Sun readers, not so much white Dutchmen - so well done to the Government for being consistently fascist there

Also - Jackboots says it 'should be a privilege' to come to Britain

Hang on...don't all EU citizens have a 'right' to come here? So we have a government who on one hand espouse greater integration with 26 other countries, and on the other 'protect' those national borders from people they don't like

So which is it? You can't support a superstate like the EU and sign treaties on the sly, and then ramp up national security against our fellow EU citizens, at least not from an ideological point of view (bear in mind we aren't talking convicted criminals here)

A sorry state of affairs, and I wonder if the "Law and Order" Tories will decrease these thoroughly totalitarian laws

One should of course remember that these policies against 'hate speech', while not wildly popular with average citizens, are used in pretty much every western country and are not exceptional to us, they are politically acceptable

Thanks to this government, Britain has lost it's long held reputation as a land of freedom - a land where communists, fascists, liberals and traitors used to be able to come and write and speak freely when they could not back in their own homeland...I wonder if Oswald Mosley would be allowed to speak now like he did seventy years ago

Of course, there is one country that stands against it...yup, the US - dammit, I want Bush back

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