29 May 2009

Juy Team launch election broadcast

Finally Jury Team have aired their election broadcast, unfortunately their website has now collapsed - I hope that's a good sign, or it's a pretty bad website - either way they got some extra attention

Any why not? I thought it was an excellent broadcast - one thing that should speak to people right now is an advert with a load of normal people running for election - normally these broadcast are about politicians trying to convince you of something, or saying 'we will do this for you' or 'we at Labour/Conservative HQ love puppies!' - people are even more turned off from that right now and in fact the present expenses crisis had probably produced the perfect situation for Jury Team, who were launched before this all kicked off

I think that advert should speak to people, and with the current climate maybe people aren't as cynical about the minor parties right now

It does again show half the problem with politics is unfair exposure - the big three have a massive advantage to promote their parties through political events, if Jury Team were actually in peoples' faces I think they'd be welcomed

*Also, what on Earth was Paul Judge doing on Question Time tonight? I'm sure he could get a seat pretty easily, but he just so happens to get a question in out of the hundred or so people with hands up? It was very surreal watching someone who should be on the panel be in the audience (actually I've always wanted a politician to get an awkward question in from the audience)

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