27 May 2009

There are other choices

I feel I must be partisan for a second

I have already blogged about how I hate the attention the BNP get and the fear they supposedly inspire - if they didn't get such attention I doubt anyone would even contemplate voting for them - it's ridiculous

Take the English Democrats, nobody pays attention to them because they're just another little party, but if they were racist they'd be a hit!

Anyway, having looked at them a bit I can't say I disagree with them in any way - and I think they express pretty widely held fears

They support an English Parliament, tighter controls on illegal immigration and action in the EU - all things a right-wing nationalist should love

The things they say make perfect sense - but as usual people don't pay attention because they don't expect them to win, it's part of the British peoples' conditioning towards the major two parties

But regardless, there is very little between the 'legitimate' issues of the BNP and the English Democrats (the BNP are an English party, despite the name) - the only real difference is you can probably trust that they aren't full of closet racists

So if you like the stuff the BNP spout then I'd say you have an alternative in the English Dems,

I can't see why you would choose them over the Democrats, unless you actually were racist, in which case we haven't got much hope I guess

I will never vote Labour or Tory, and I intend to vote for Jury Team assuming I actually agree with the candidate, but I would also consider the English Democrats, who I think have an excellent platform that should appeal to (English) people and that their only obstacle is the usual barrier that everyone not in the major party faces


  1. Some very good points, but the first rule of politics seems to be "never say never". We could fill a book on the politicians who have fallen over that one. Even Vince Cable tripped up last year, when the economic crisis broke...

    Would it not be better to think in terms of "I would not vote Labour or Tory at the moment and cannot see any immediate prospect of changing that opinion" ?

  2. Well I nearly put 'probably never' but it seemed too non-committal

    Maybe I am a bit rash, but I am not a politician after all, I can speak my mind and change it later