04 May 2009

A Quiet weekend for once

Well it seems little has gone on over the weekend, the main stories are Labour's troubles, with chipmunk woman Blears having a pop at Brown

Now I normally can't stand the woman, but at least she's being principled here...well sort of - one is at first inclined to think she is defending her seat, but then you see that would require a rather large swing and it's unlikely Salford (and Eccles now) will be sending a Lib Dem

No, for once I see a little common sense out of someone in the Cabinet - she's being realistic, whether or not it's to improve her own prospects I leave open to question, for she is a certainly ambitious, but when you compare her to the Cabinet members who are rallying around Brown, she comes across with integrity

Blears may not even be attacking Brown, as naive as that sounds - she says she is trying to get Labour activists out there rather than using the internet and such, the problem is it is very hard to separate such comments from criticising the Dear Leader

Everybody knows nobody wants him, which is why we all jump on any little thing that happens - and to think that Hazel wasn't aware of the consequences of criticising any aspect of Brown's government would be naive, she's a very clever little spinner and somehow I doubt would accidentally have put her foot in it

I think she is trying to restore her party, and has realised propping up Gordo is pointless and has tried to give supporters something to vote for - much of her article was well put, things people want to hear, and I think it may just be trying to fix the roof over Labour's head a little before Gordon falls through it within the next thirteen months - so I say well done to her, for showing at least a little integrity (as much as I'm willing to give a front bencher)

That's a lot more than I can say for the cowards who prop up Brown - why do respected people like Johnson and Straw back him up? These guys are the more intelligent members of the Cabinet, and they must surely know the gig is up - Clarke and Blunkett know it, and they're coming out of this a lot better for it

I have never understood the party loyalty thing, and I never will - Prezza in particular has always confused me, and I think he's just misguided, I think he actually truly believes it is better for his party to prop up Brown than cut off his head - what does it achieve? It hits me as simple tribalism, the idea of never showing weakness to the enemy and propping up the failed leader rather than face defeat is somehow better than good government - it isn't, it's weak-minded, undemocratic and bad for everybody

I'm afraid I'll never understand it, and that's why I could never support Labour, I think common sense would tell Labour to quit now and fix themselves before Brown adds a few more years in opposition - but they don't seem to listen to reason

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