11 May 2009


Oh dear oh dear, Margaret Moran just doesn't get it does she?

The Luton MP moved her 'second home' to Southampton because her partner works there

Not only is having your second home in the wrong constituency (note: by a good eighty miles) grossly offensive, but the fact that she feels that this home she shares with her husband should be a burden on the taxpayer

I would like to ask why she doesn't just keep her second home in Luton, which she does need to work in the Luton office, and finance the third home herself, which is personal, not a work expense in anyone's mind, love - I bet all those people who have to work away from home would love a house funded for their family to be with them

Answer: As Iain Dale points out, she only moved the house days before she needed some dry rot fixed in her Southampton home

The prosecution rests, your honour

Dale also points out that both she and her husband are on the electoral roll in Luton, no doubt for voting reasons - what a crock

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