13 May 2009

Stop, don't do it, it's a trick...you're all bloody sheep!!

Cameron has jumped on this quick, in what has been a reasonably well-received move, he has been decisive and apologetic

Brown has been trumped and looks like a lemon as he reacted with all the speed of a teenager in the morning, (but without the looks), this is, in my humble opinion, a big victory for Cameron

It's all about image, of course, and while Tory MPs are being dragged through the mud, 'Dave' has kept his nose mostly clean and looked far more authoritative than the old Golem

Maybe this will wash with the public, all the majority of Tory voters need is to not be too disgusted to vote Tory and they will waltz to power

And here in lies the problem - this is a con - us political types know exactly what is going on, as Nick Robinson rightly points out:

None of this, of course, will be enough to silence those who complain that politicians only said and agreed to change after being caught with their hands in the till.

Precisely, the Tories shouldn't be winning anything based on this - all the big parties should be losing

This is why I have no worries over Labour - this is just another nail in the coffin, a Labour member that's been caught out will be ousted, but unfortunately the Tories are mostly going to be let off the hook - unless they really get hung out and lose the whip it's unlikely typical Tory heartlands will rebel against their MPs in their desire to restore a Tory government and support Dave

So these people we think of as crooks will return, having paid back their loot, people who had pianos tuned, swimming pools cleaned and chandeliers...re-shinied...with public money, will come back to represent constituents once more

I don't support the 'plague on all your houses' line, but each MP must be scrutinised at an election - it isn't enough to allow that MP back because you want a Tory government - they will, on the whole, not be punished by their party, and they will certainly not face prosecution

The only trial they get is that one every four or five years, and people really don't take it seriously enough - it is one of the fundamental flaws within our democracy - where you, in reality, vote for a party and a leader, but elect an MP who you probably don't know the name of

I know I'm a shameless advocate of independents, but if you really need any proof take a look at Dan1979's post on Norman Tebbit telling people to vote for a minor party

Cameron is basically bullying him - admittedly it's hardly surprising within a party, they are what they are - but as you can see, having two major parties with such a stranglehold on our government is incredibly stifling to independent voices - and logically it should raise the question of why we have over 600 'representatives' when they have virtually no voice

One final thing, this clip of Lord Foulkes (now widely known as 'that fat wanker') attacking an admittedly over-paid, BBC newsreader on salaries

I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty, it's all over the blogs - but I will say that he is fundamentally wrong, he claims the BBC and the media undermine democracy, not the 'hard-working' MPs - if he knew anything about politics he'd know about checks and balances, the media, as much as we love to hate them, are the only check we have left on those MPs

If it weren't for the likes of the BBC and the Telegraph who would've told us the truth? They have an agenda, sure - but it shows up those that are thieving bastards for the good of us all


  1. I think Parliament is now a laughing stock and that is actually a worse situation than outrage.

    Overall, I pretty well agree with you Tarquin. The thing that disappointed me yesterday were the numbskulls on TV vox-pop interviews who said they'd vote Labour again next time, because they've always voted Labour - and that was the only explanation for their decision that they could give...

  2. They all do it! The Tories are probably even worse - vast swathes of England just vote Tory because they always do

    People in my area probably don't even know who ours is...it's a mockery, and it keeps a lot of people unfairly represented with our first past the post system - just ask the six million lib dem voters