04 May 2009

They have no shame

Seriously, give me strength

Denis MacShane blames the Tories for allowing the BNP to grow...by being xenophobic...

Umm right - now I'm not going to throw mud here and say it's Labour's fault for promoting political correctness, 'positive' discrimination and multiculturalism - but the Tories being racist (ok, xenophobic doesn't sound as good) is what has allowed a racist party to rise?

That makes sense - I mean those racists wouldn't just vote for the Tories then would they?

If anything the BNP are rising because the Tories haven't been xenophobic enough - the rise of the far right is because the old right has been very feeble to Blairism

But somehow MacShane believes the Tories have made the BNP acceptable...there's one of my beefs with Labour again - it's always the Tories fault, never their own

The evidence suggests that the BNP will benefit mostly in deprived Labour areas - such as Stoke, due to perceived failings of their party, who have let them down for twelve years, and of course, their unwillingness to trust the Tories - so in that way it could be the Tories fault, but that's being a tad obtruse

To suggest somehow that being anti-EU is factitious and smearing the opposition (people as well as party) as xenophobic is just...urgh....sickening and is politics at its worst

I have decided we need a new position in parliament - called The Whipper - when a politician says something completely ridiculous/petty/false/unhelpful for party political gain the Whipper is to firmly slap them round the face, preferably in the style of the old Tango ads

That'll soon teach them...

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