02 June 2009

Crack the champagne!

It's a minor victory now, but I've waited for this day for nearly two years so I still feel a lot of pleasure in looking at the BBC front page: Home Secretary Smith to stand down

The fascist ignoramus is going!! Of course, her replacement will still be a Brown lackey who is probably even less qualified, but she has been so bad, so evil, so idiotic, so unqualified that I really don't care - the new Home Sec could be Stalin for all I care, they will have their hands tied for the next eleven months

Who will it be? It seems best-mate Balls is going to Number 11, and personally I think the only people capable are Straw and Johnson, and I doubt Straw would take the job again, so maybe it'll be a way to placate the Johnson fan club, these are of course just my unfounded ideas - it'll probably be a squeaky clean backbencher

But she's gone, no matter that the future is hardly bright, it's like when you just escape a deadly situation and you don't care that you're probably still in another, you're still relieved

I'll leave with this comment from the Harperson to demonstrate the complete load of bollocks politics really is: "I think she is an outstanding home secretary."

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  1. Would any back-bencher in their right mind actually take the job. If they've got a good record as abackbencher, they'll be thinking about maximising their chances of getting re-elected. Promotion used to guarantee that, but I'm not so sure this time.

    Maybe somebody like John Denham would be OK as Home Secretary....?