09 June 2009

For the good of the Country...

Ah, our wonderful new cabinet, come and see how great we are

Is it just me or did they just look like smarmy gits abusing their position? Maybe it's just me, but I saw a room full of people rather more interested in propping up their own party and getting another year of grandeur out of it than actually running the country

This is of course, proved as all the 'exciting new plans' have absolutely no chance of making it to legislation within 11 months - it's all for show

Then there's the new electoral system, Labour mention the alternative vote system - I won't outline it here, as it's in the link - but needless to say it's not proportional in any way and is even weaker than Jenkins' 'alternative vote top-up'

It would have the exact same outcome as FPtP, it would just give the second placed candidate a better chance in a two-horse race, but it would still leave the safe seats, and would still provide one single person to represent a geographic area - it's fine for mayorals, for parliament it's virtually redundant - but you really can't expect much from Gordon or Labour, who would take the biggest hit from electoral reform

I must say I found Labour's desire for all this rather odd

"There is a strong feeling in the cabinet that we should have a bold programme of reform. We don't want to end the next year with a whimper."

So you're going to enact a load of reforms you know won't be done before a General Election? If you're so confident why not call one and produce a manifesto on it? Otherwise you're just making a lot of noise as a reason to for people to vote for you and not conducting any government business

Some would call that denial, I call it bare-faced lying

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