08 June 2009


So Labour are third, less than 16% - soundly beaten by UKIP and nearly half the size of the Tories, barely above the Lib Dems

That's called a message, Gordon - and it's worded something like this: 'Sod off'

Unfortunately Jury Team failed to achieve much, just under 80,000 votes nationally and 12th place - that's not actually bad for a start up party, I think people got ahead of themselves with this 'PR' idea - but it was ahead of Libertas

Truth be told, while I support the idea, they have to be a bigger party to provide more voices, you may notice 'other' parties got about 9% of the total vote, up 3% - that's not including the BNP, Greens etc so it's pretty huge - unfortunately it's like voting for independents - completely incoherent and basically wasted votes, if more people could get behind the 'party of independents' idea they'd be a lot stronger - it also doesn't help that in reality the regional PR system we have is pretty useless, and the fact we only get 72 members for the whole UK is unhelpful

It's a little disheartening, but breaking the party system is very tough and nobody but UKIP have ever managed it - and they did it by taking one emotive issue and having a well-known celebrity face launch them

The BNP did send two members, big whoop - they didn't get any more votes, but the low turnout in Labour strongholds increased their percentage, giving them a spot - it's unfortunate, but I'm not concerned

oh well...

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