12 June 2009

L is for Labour, L is for Lies

In the interest of balance I will now dick all over Labour

There is currently a 'debate' over spending cuts between the two parties - it's not really a debate because as much cleverer souls than me can point out, there will be a real term cut of 7% under Labour - Brown spouts that spending is up - it is in cash terms, but take away inflation and interest and a few billion up quickly turns into several billion down

Dizzy has written an excellent post about it and put up a video of Brown peddling his spin

This was backed up by Ruth Lea, an economist, on Question Time, who also wrote in the Guardian that the bank bailout was a good move - she's no Tory mouthpiece

The fact is, Labour are manipulating the figures - after the next election spending will be down, regardless of party, and if they say it's risen then they're either lying or determined to wreck the country

But Labour insist on attempting to deceive us - they are trying to say the Tories will close schools and hospitals simply to win votes, while actually producing a budget of cuts

Every man and his dog know that we are up to our necks in debt and that the spending binge cannot go on - Labour are fools for trying to play the 'Tory cuts' card, and what's even worse is that rather than follow the flawed policy they outwardly promote they simply lie about doing the sensible thing

Sounds very odd, and no doubt it is aimed squarely at core Labour votes - I question whether Labour voters are really that stupid - they do seem to still be rather pissed off with Labour, even the average Labour voters know you can't pay off the mortgage with a credit card

This isn't about cuts at all - you will get them, but one party chooses to lie and pretend we're loaded, the other is very cautiously saying what we need to hear

Personally I think the Tories are being cowardly, but no doubt they are worried of the potential for Labour to hit them with their history of cuts, I'm an idealist and like to believe that people would accept cuts as inevitable

The solution: once again the only party that is saying sensible things, and has been since the issue started appearing in 2005...is the Lib Dems, they actually propose cuts because they're too left wing to be accused of trying to dismantle the NHS

Sorry to sound like a broken record but they are, from a logical point of view, surely the best option and I really don't get why people refuse to vote for them, of the three main parties I feel they are the only ones who say anything remotely useful

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