15 June 2009

Gordon loves you

If there ever were a reason for fixed term parliaments, or just a general reform of politics - this is it

Gordon Brown writes a puff piece for the only remaining Labour stronghold, the Mirror, and attacks the Tories while saying all the great things he's (or rather, Blair's) done

Party politics, I hate it and I always will, but there's not much I can do about it - but my point here is that there is a fundamental unfairness to our system - this is basically a party political broadcast for an upcoming election, only Gordon knows (if he actually does) when an election will be - he gets to wait until the point when he feels he can dig the knife in the deepest, or wait until he's got some good press - that is not healthy for government

Secondly, in a more general point - why should the Prime Minister devote his time to attacking the opposition? He is supposed to run the country, for all of us, and shouldn't be behaving like the leader of the Labour Party first, and the leader of the nation second - this article is blatant, writing about how good your government has been is different to picking up on something the opposition have said and attempting to twist it into a strawman argument - this is simple politicking and should be left to the party apparatchiks

Like any MP, he is expected to represent the interests of all his constituents - an MP cannot use his professional position as an MP to create a political blog and smear the other parties, so why can the PM write an article in a newspaper doing it? And of course, why is such a 'busy' man spending his time writing about party politics in a tabloid? Clearly he had some free time to pen an article for what remains of the believers, and yet he claims the government are getting on with it and incredibly busy

But no, this is simply an opinion piece targeted at the core Labour vote in the run-up to an election, it serves no purpose to government or the British people - it's an abuse of power and thoroughly unprofessional and so when you hear politicians argue against fixed terms, remember this is why they don't want them

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