12 June 2009

A real pandemic!! woohoo!!

I have a question about swine flu

Why do we care? True, this is the first time a disease (bird flu, SARS etc) has actually reached 'pandemic' which sounds alarming, but just means it's cross continental

I'm watching Newsnight, who have a special on it, as a doctor says it's nothing to worry about - slightly more pathogenic than regular flu, dangerous to pregnant women etc and they interviewed three people who have already recovered

So they had the flu!! There are thousands of cases in Australia now, which is expected based on the season - nobody has died yet! A sodding rugby team caught it! Regular flu kills off 36,000 people in America alone each year

This has got to be the most boring pandemic, ever

The only real difference is we couldn't get in first with vaccines, which no doubt they will eventually aim at high-priority groups, which may hurt us a little bit, it's never nice to lose a baby or have an elderly relative die, but this will not result in people dying in the street, losing millions of the workforce, mass graves etc

It's just flu, people...we get it every year

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