07 June 2009

Some consolation

Reading the numerous obituaries (to put it kindly) for Brown, I allowed a small smirk to cross my lips

It's over - and I don't mean for Brown, he was only ever going to last until the first election he faced, I mean for us - we are now completely safe

This government now have about as much power as the W.I., scratch that, the union of little old ladies are pretty formidable - how about the National Union of Students? Anyway, they are completely rejected by the electorate, weakened by the loss of big-name ministers and needing to be propped up by appointed peers - they won't be trying anything

It was already a pitiful legislative programme, but there won't be any attempts to lock us up for 42 days or anything of the sort anymore - of course we'll be stuck with the current 'initiatives', but that's a matter for the future and a Tory government

So it's with such events in mind that I breathe a sigh of relief, because frankly, after the next election things won't be getting much better - this point marks a reprieve, nothing can be changed until the Labour party are ousted from power - there is no point in fighting anymore - they are like the opponent falling to the canvas in slow-motion, they're technically still in the fight, but they are gone, it just depends how long the slow-mo takes (I refuse to say 'circling the drain')

Unfortunately Gordon Brown has no shame and refuses to fall on his sword, being booed by war veterans at a D-Day service must surely be a record low? I know I don't have the self-assured ego that one needs for the job of Prime Minister, but seriously, how can that not make you just say 'enough' and admit defeat

I'm sure the Labour party would call that fighting spirit - I would point out it's not exactly a fair fight when the electorate have both hands tied behind their backs, but what the hey, they've spent twelve years blaming the Tories for pretty much everything so I don't expect rational discourse from them any time soon

So sit back, grab the popcorn, and enjoy the drama for the next XX months, it's not worth getting irate at them anymore

(just remember to actually vote)

*Oh and if anyone sees Machiavelli Mandelson, feel free to hit him, the smug bastard is now running the show and deserves to be taken down a peg, violence is the only remaining option in my opinion
**I can probably be arrested for saying that...'it was a joke, officer'

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