10 June 2009

Free Speech...but not for fascists

I understand where this woman and her lot are coming from, it was entirely predictable

But saying 'we believe in free speech, but not for fascists' is a really stupid thing to say and won't please any free speech advocates (no surprise it was a left-wing union)

The whole point of free speech is exactly so you do have to hear the fascists, it wouldn't be very free if we prevented those we disagree with speaking, now would it? Allowing 'Unite Against Fascism', who have previously scuppered debates with Griffin, to dictate who may or may not speak is not really much better

And pelting people with eggs is not really the best way to protest - whatever happened to peaceful protest? Forcibly breaking up a news conference with physical assault is not exactly the cleverest thing to do - for one, it's no better than rule by the mob

Secondly of course, it creates martyrs - he wasn't saying anything naughty (admittedly that is the tactic these days) and he got attacked, after just being democratically elected by nearly a million people - so you just created sympathy, and headlines - hell, Griffin was probably there with the intention that it would happen

There is a time and a place for egg throwing, this wasn't it

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