23 June 2009

Speaker Dobbin?

I guess it's time for everyone to get the knives out...Bercow is the new speaker

I have no real interest in criticising him, merely how he was elected - in short this shows the utter contempt Labour have for the electorate and our democracy

Make no mistake, this was a plot by petty Labour MPs to place the most problematic person into the chair they could - it was childish

Why do I criticise their choice in a secret ballot so much? Because it is plain for all to see that Labour MPs were committed to returning the position to the Tories, presumably so they got some of the blame, but they then deliberately chose the one Tory who the Tories would hate

I doubt that only 3 or 4 Tories voted for him, as is widely reported, but it's probably not much more - this is quite simply a childish act by the Labour lot to piss off the blue camp, who will now have to live with him if the election goes as we all expect it too

Clearly they haven't learnt a thing...

The point is not that Bercow can't do the job, or that the Tories will be that fussed about it - it is quite simply that Labour did this purely as a stunt, and showed complete contempt for their elected positions when they chose to use something as noble as the position of Speaker to annoy the other side, it doesn't even serve a practical political purpose - there is no discernible benefit to them, they just seem to think it's funny

Insular, out-of-touch and careerist barely even do them justice anymore, this does nothing to restore the authority of Parliament and frankly the Labour MPs behind this deserve to be strung up, they do not understand, or care, about the state of our democracy

This truly is Caligula appointing his horse as consul

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