17 June 2009

Why does he lie?

Why does Gordon continue trying to take us for fools?

All this guff over "Tory cuts, Labour 'investment'" is just Gordon trying to draw a simplistic line between the two parties - the way in which the Labour members jeered suggests they're happy to play this game

The fact is that every economist, every blogger, every journalist has pointed out that there is a real-term cut - Gordon is actually lying by saying it's a real-term rise, it is a cash rise - in as much as 628-632 is a rise of 4 billion in cash, but *not* in real-terms (which he persistently said)

That's a bit like getting paid £100 one year and then thinking £101 the next year is more - it's not

Anybody who thinks one of those list of numbers he read out (seriously, it was bingo calling) represents a rise is having a laugh - do you know what 4 billion out of 628 is? It's 0.6% - take out inflation and it's a decrease (or 'cut'), further take out interest repayments, which are in no way an 'investment' and it's pretty whopping

But as I said - we all know Labour's budget holds a real-term decrease, does he expect people to believe his 'Tory 10% cut' line?

Will Labour voters swallow this? I really hope they can't because Gordon just stands there and lies - he likes the line, it's always worked before, but this time people appreciate that spending must fall or we go bankrupt

Nick Robinson thinks that even though it's a lie, people are affected by the argument and might be swayed - oh great

So the question for the election will probably be - do you believe we need to pay off our massive debt or not -

It will appeal to Tory voters, and somehow I doubt Gordon can sway many people, add to that Labour are a spent force

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