13 June 2009

Ze List

Here's a list of interesting articles that I should note or I'll forget

The Mail have a story about minor royals costing us a fortune in police resources - I say scrap police protection for non-essential royals, particularly if they're going to abuse their position - restrict it to the direct heirs (Charles and his sons) and matters of state business, people like Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice have no right to be protected while they backpack around south America like every other teenager, funded by birthright and yet never giving anything back to the country

Mark Easton has written a brilliant piece once again criticising the government's use of dodgy stats, and doubly great for me, he is criticising Harman's ridiculous stats about the gender pay-gap - I will endeavour to promote this page whenever a feminist angers me

I love Mark Easton so much, he's getting his own tag

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